ROSENTAL LANDSCAPE GARDEN / with The Trinidad Group, 1998  
Preliminary study for the Rosental (between Rosegg and Ferlach, about 25 km), Austria, in view of Carinthias application for the Olympic Winter Games 2006. 13 projects for the development of the region. Section movement / time: “Tree-lined avenues and terraces”
a) A structure of tree-lined avenues for pedestrians offers a new perception of the landscape, that would entice tourists to spend several days in the Rosental.
b) The second pedestrian zone is the “600 metres terrace”, a wide, flat lawn terrace laid out at exactly 600 metres above sea level at the north and south side of the valley. It creates special views and is divided in sections by recreation areas (lawn- amphitheatres) and objects (sculptures).
Garden projects / Landschaftsgarten Rosental 1998